Lee is a contemporary painter specialising in colourful, textured and abstracted landscapes. Lee was born in Sunderland, in the North East of England and has always had a creative streak. After excelling in Art throughout his early education he went on to study Fine Art at the University of Chester.

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Lee’s memory based landscapes are captured from travelling via rail up and down the country. Collecting scraps of information before the scene is passed and forgotten. Each piece is painted solely from memory to create images that are abstracted and expressional more than representational.

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New Garden Studio

WWWWHHHHEEEEYYYY!!!! I’ve got a new garden studio, so excited to get it in and working.  It was a lot of hard work… I dug out bags and bags of soil, moved more gravel, sand and aggregate than I ever thought possible.  8 tonnes of lifting later the foundations were done!  The studio itself went up in a few days with a help from Herring senior, its double glazed, insulated and has electrics, what else do I need!  A few licks of paint on the outside and some built in storage it’s now ready to go, come and see for yourself if you want!


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